We must remain silent for these lost souls. 
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Photos Of deceased Edit

  • Icestream, a beautiful white she-cat. Mate of Shardpelt, and mother of Frostfur & Fernclaw
  • This is redkit. the sweetest dead kit.
  • This is falconfeather, his mate was blackstar
  • This is swallow feather. A darling medicine cat.
  • Slateheart was a good cat. And the bravest warrior bettaclan has known
  • Shardpelt was a strong warrior. He won't be forgotten
  • Autumnpaw had brainwashed a medic and attempted a medic apprentice
  • Cloverpaw was a quiet but loyal beta clan warrior.Her death was caused by A fox attack.
  • Koipaw died trying to save cloverpaw. He may not have succeeded, but He is honored throughout the entire clan.
  • Leafsong, an amazing Medicine cat that will always be remembered.
  • Goldenleaf, she will always be remembered as more then just an elder.
  • Hopemask, a beloved warrior... We will remember her
  • RIP Owlsong she was a good warrior
  • Moonheart was a great warrior of bettaclan, she will be remembered
  • Blackstar, a proud leader of bettaclan, she died saving her kits
  • Smogkit, blackstars kit, he lived a short life, may he rest well
  • Dapplekit, blackstars kit, she lived a short life, a would be medic
  • Ghostfang,a three legged elder born with a dream. May he rest in peace.
  • Fernclaw. An evil cat. Attempted murder and was eventually killed by Whispstar
  • This is Echostorm. She was crushed by a tree. May she rest in peace.
  • fallenpaw a loyal medecine cat who lived short but pleasant life
  • whitekit a kit who lived a short life and never deserved to die of sickness. she had a bright future ahead of her
  • Onyxmist, a lovely, caring feline. She died due to being put down. She'll be remembered <3
  • Jaykit, A loved friend and saviour of Fogmask
  • This is Fogmask, a timid warrior yet stood for her rights at her death
  • hawkflight a warrior who never expected a sudden death
  • Whispstar, a noble leader of bettaclan, who died saving komdokit
  • Rabbithop was the son of a murderer, he was forced to do what he did, he will be remembered
  • Timberstar was a half blood, living up to her mothers name, may she rest
  • Tigerstrike was a mass murderer, she thrives in the dark forest
  • Sandystream was a loyal cat yet killed herself so her rogue murders wouldn't drag on
  • Mudpool was a brave and loyal warrior (Idk what else to write lol)
  • Scorchleaf, she was calm with Fern and Turtle but lost it and almost drowned a kit, her ribs were shattered by Lucifer
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Name rank Gender cause last words realm
Icestream Elite She Dog attack "Frostpaw, Fernpaw ... run ..." Starclan
Redkit Kit She plague "Stay strong, My sister.." starclan
Swallowfeather head med she crushed by tree "Blackstar, Bettaclan will always Be my clan..." starclan
Slateheart co-deputy tom Loss of blood and wounds "Goodbye, My child..I will meet you in starclan one day..." starclan
BlurredVision warrior tom suicide  You will see me suffer, You will see me die, Orbitkit. dark forest
Shardpelt Warrior tom Killed by badger "I'm sorry Fernpaw ... Keep Frostpaw safe ..." Starclan
Falconfeather warrior tom killed by rogue "I will always miss you, Blackstar..." starclan
Autumnpaw apprentice tom Disappeared  "lead my path.. please.." unknown
Koipaw apprentice Tom Fox attack ''Cloverpaw! LOOK OUT!!'' starclan
Cloverpaw apprentice She Fox attack ''Goodbye, My dearest clan..'' Starclan
Leafsong head medicine cat She Dog attack ''Echostorm, Snowpaw....

i'm your mother..''

Goldenleaf elder she old age ''Welcome me starclan...'' Starclan
Hopemask Warrior She  Snake bite "Help me... Starclan.." Starclan
Owlsong Warrior She Bled to death from badger bite "Remember me, Welcome me....." Starclan
Moonheart Senior warrior She Engulfed by fire '' Save my kit, Please." Starclan
Blackstar Leader She Engulfed by fire "My kits!" Starclan
Dapplekit kit she Engulfed by fire ''BLACKSTAR! MOTHER!'' Starclan
Smogkit kit tom Engulfed by fire ''go dapplekit!'' Starclan
Gingertuft Warrior tom Blood Loss "It Was A Short Life, But It Was A Pleasure To Serve This Clan..." Starclan
Fernclaw warrior she neckwound ''i hate you frostfur!'' Darkforest
Echostorm Head medic she Crushed by tree  "If Starclan watches over this clan, Then so will I.." Starclan
Wolfheart co-dep she drowned " over the koi for me..." starclan
Bluefeather Deputy She Died Saving Leafsong "BettaClan, Was A a great Home, now it’s time for my new home..." Starclan
Jadefeather Warrior She Killed by a rogue "Well, I guess... this is the end of my story..." Starclan
Ghostfang Elder Tom Rogue attack, making him fall of a cliff.+ " Mudfang, This is for you... " Starclan
Finchwing Elite Tom Falling Off A Cliff Because Of A Hawk Attack "Lightningcloud.. I will wait for you.." Starclan
NovaDance Medicine Cat She Suicide This is all your fault, Orbitkit, You stupid Mousebrain, I hope to see you in hell! Dark Forest
Mudfang Warrior Tom Fell off cliff "Ghostfang! Ill meet you there.. and Bettaclan, please remember me.."  Starclan
Silentkit kit tom drowned "Daddy?......"  Starclan
Sorrowmask Elder She Suicide "Its the only way to be happy...."  Starclan
CedarStream Warrior Tom Murdered "See You In The Dark Forest, Tigerstrike...."  Dark Forest
Dewdrop Elite Warrior She Murdered "Ill..Get my revenge..Tiger..." Starclan
Opalshard Elite Warrior She Suicide "Hah." Dark Forest
Spiderleap Warrior She Dog attack "How could I let this happen?" Starclan
Honeymask elder she Murdered ''did you need something?'' Starclan
lilykit kit she Killed by Sootpaw ''you are bad, mama will be angry!'' Starclan
Ashenpaw apprentice Tom Suicide ''Today is the best day of my life'' Darkforest
Foxtail Warrior Tom Fox attack "I'll miss you, Frostfur. But you must move on." Starclan
Whitekit kit she Greencough I.. wont forget you.. Starclan
Fallenpaw Medicine cat apprentice Tom Pushed off cliff DONT DO THIS, PLE-- Starclan
Rosepetal Warrior She Fell off the canyon and then was crushed by rocks "Timberfur ... Whispstar ... I ..." Starclan
Beigekit Kit She Suicide '' Here I come, Sissy! '' Starclan
Onyxmist warrior she Put down after unable to move M-my only.. regret is h-having to say.. Goodbye.. Starclan
Otterpaw apprentice Tom Murdered after suicide attempts, loss of blood and wounds. If you love me, let me go.. Starclan
SoulFang warrior she Eating DeathBerries I Regret Nothing!!! Starclan
Sootpaw apprentice she Murdered by TigerStrike "Can I Drag you to the Darkforest, Tiger?" Dark Forest
DoveFlight warrior she Killed by a Badger "Goodbye, I will miss you all..." StarClan
Jaykit kit Tom crushed by tree "Fogmask, stand for who you are, goodbye a loved friend." Starclan
Fogmask Warrior She Murdered by Larkwing "I wish you were never born, Starclan will not allow you and your sins!" Starclan
Blackfrost Elder she Green cough, and slipped off mountain "You are an idiot, Darkvine. I hate you and the clan!" Dark Forest
BerryTail Warrior Tom Murdered ''w-what? i-i'm con-confused...'' Starclan
LunarMist warrior she Run over by monster "Helppp!" StarClan
HawkFlight warrior tom Killed by RiverStream "You will regret everything.." StarClan
RainWhisker warrior she Drowned "At least I'm in a better place now." StarClan
Whispstar Leader Tom Fell off cliff Starclan
Tigerstrike Elite She Thrown into gorge by Timberstar ''Filth! disgusting half blood! i will kill you! i will do what that fire could not!'' Darkforest
Wrenflight warrior She Killed by Floydsong ''I guess this is where it ends'' Starclan
Larkwing Warrior She Killed by sandystream ''Time to die! Sandystream!'' Darkforest
Rabbithop Warrior Tom Killed trying to kill Timberstar ''Your weak, just as my mother said!'' Darkforest
Timberstar Leader She Dog pack ''death is natural, you either accept it or fear it'' Starclan
Horizonclaw Elite Tom Run over by monster ''Timber, my love'' Starclan
Stagtail Elder Tom Blood Loss Goodbye my love, Featherstep. Starclan
Sandystream Warrior She-cat Cut her own throat open Well my friends, never thought you'd meet my throat, nobody's here anyways... Shut up Sandy! Dark Forest
Mudpool Warrior She-cat Raccoon attack See you in starclan, Timberstar Starclan
Lightningcloud Elite She-cat Canine attack. "

Dont' be sad, it was my time. I promise 'i' will watch over everyone. I am sorry for leaving."

AspenFall Warrior She-cat Green-cough It's better to die than being lonely. Starclan
Willowleaf Warrior She-cat Falling off tree, breaking spine and neck. ''Blackstar..'' Starclan
Acornflame Loner She-cat Suicide ''see you soon, willow..'' Starclan
Scorchleaf Warrior She-cat Broken ribs pierced her lungs It hurts! Fern... Dark Forest
Windpaw Apprentice Tom Drowned Ugh! Starclan
Bearpelt Warrior Tom Tree fell over him It hurts, but I have to... Starclan
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We honor the great clanmates who didnt deserve their death. They were a good person to be around and we all hope that they are hunting with StarClan now. Rest in peace my friends, i hope to see you in Starclan one day.
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Overall deaths:Edit

Shecats Toms Overall
44 25 69
Kit 8
Apprentice 8
Warrior 23
Queen 0
Elder 4
Elite 6
MediCat Apprentice 1
MediCat 1
Head MediCat 3
CoDeputy 2
Deputy 2
Leader 3