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Bayou is a tribe/community-like group full of feline inhabitants. These cats are known to be quirky, unusual, and spontaneous at first glance, yet a deeper look into their lives reveals their true intelligence. Cats of Bayou are, for the most part, lean and well-muscled, with slightly webbed paws. All of these traits help them get around their swamp-like home with ease.
Founder: CalicoDream
Founded: May 19, 2018
Status: Active
Orientation: Neutral
Recruiting: Open
Alliances: Open
Used Species: Felis Catus
Used Server: Ganges
Beliefs: Tribe of Endless Hunting
Roleplay: Descriptional
Camp: Calicodream



  1. Calicodream
  2. Sleepyhound
  3. Solarcanines
  4. Purplewolf316
  5. Hopelesshounds
  6. Spiritsprinter
  7. Maboo123
  8. Mercyyyyy
  9. Buddyrio
  10. Lulu22332
  11. Seal22095
  12. Beaniecat46
  13. Km592
  14. Malfunctioned
  15. Kaydance5833
  16. Vibrantglare
  17. Snow22235
  18. Simin
  19. Tigerofshadowclan
  20. Midnightmoonlight1
  21. Clarious
  22. Jammer1zv4b
  23. Ducksandcokes
  24. Scathh
  25. Miniaturenoodles
  26. Momentarilylost
  27. 911lacey2


Happycathangouut/Broke a variety of rules, Disrespect/Forever


Weather conditions for the week will change every Sunday. Transition to the next season (leaf-fall) will begin 8/8/18.

83℉ 83℉ 82℉ 82℉ 85℉ 89℉ 90℉

General Regulations

1. Please be sure that your tag remains green at all times! This proves your loyalty to Bayou as well as clears any confusion with other groups.

2. Activity is a big part when it comes to groups, and so, unexplained inactivity will not be tolerated. Without an excuse that was either directly told to the Stoneteller or posted in the comments, you will be removed from the roster within two weeks. You will be able to rejoin, but with an additional apology and a promise to be more active. Acceptable excuses may be wi-fi related, homework/exams, moving, being grounded, or personal/traumatic out-of-roleplay events. Other excuses may be taken, though not guaranteed.

3. If you wish to leave, tell us. Fill out the departure form so that we can remove you from the roster as soon as possible.

4. Never beg for a high rank. High ranks are earned, not given out like candy. If you beg, you're only making yourself look like you joined simply to gain a high rank or have power. Instead of promoting your rank, you will be demoted if you are found begging.

5.Due to population control, there can only be five, at most, kits in one litter. Any requests that desire to go over the limit will not be accepted. If you are joining as a kit, you must have a queen/parents to look after you.

6. You are allowed to return to Bayou twice. After that, you will be listed on our Exiled list. We aren't a hotel, don't try to use us as one please!

7. When a Stoneteller, insert deputy name, or anyone in Bayou JAGs you to come roleplay, please respond. If you fail to do so, you will be followed and questioned as to why you were unable to respond and/or come.

8. You are allowed four OCs in Bayou. Please try your best to keep one as your main character, which you will have to focus on the most. It's highly reccomended that your main character is the one with the highest rank.

9. Leaving Bayou within your first month of joining will get you blacklisted. Loyalty is taken very serious in this group, and we do not wish to house anyone who isn't going to put any actual loyalty or dedication into the tribe.

10. If you are found double-grouping in any shape, form, or way, you will be exiled immediately. No excuses whatsoever. As aforementioned, loyalty is taken very seriously, and if you can't be trustworthy, then we have no problem getting rid of you. THIS INCLUDES SIDE GROUPS.

11. Bayou will not accept shared accounts on the behalf of protecting the tribe from any double-grouping complications.

12. Do not block anyone on Animal Jam. It doesn't matter how much you dislike them, it's inconvenient for the tribe and for roleplaying. If there is a serious problem with cyber-bullying, tell the Stoneteller right away. It will be taken care of from there.

13. Never attack without permission. Always listen to any orders your superior may give before making up your own. It may come down to a fight, or it may come down to simply escorting the intruder out. No matter the case, this decision will be made and put into action only by a high rank.

14. To-bes may not have mates or kits. It distracts them from training and keeps them from being promoted to a warrior. (Note: This can be changed for plot reasoning)

15. You are not allowed to have a mate from an outside group unless it is for a plot reasoning, which would be approved by the Stoneteller.

Roleplay Etiquette

1. Powerplaying/god-modding is not allowed on any terms. No character can realistically cut their foe's spine in half with merely one hit. This also includes doing things like sneaking out of camp or walking your character into a fox or other danger. This can be allowed once or twice for some drama, but more than that and consistently is annoying and disruptive to roleplay.

2. Please. do not let your character decide to go up and challenge the Stoneteller to a duel, and kill/injure them. Unless this is for a plot, you really have no reason to attack your own leader.

3. Be sure that your pelt is realistic. Pelts with colors such as pink (differing from the rosy-fawn color in some pelts), yellow (differing from the 'golden' color in some pelts), purples (differing from the greyish-lilac color in some pelts) or other unrealistic colors will not be allowed, and you will be asked to change your pelt. If you are unsure about your pelt colors, ask the Stoneteller.

4. Over-powered characters/character's whose body descriptions do not match are not allowed. If you have a lithe structure, you aren't going to be as strong as someone with a more broad structure, who will not be able to be as fast as your lithe structure. This also goes for having "super hearing" or "super vision" (unless, of course, it's for plot reasoning). You will be asked to either change or throw away your character if they happen to have these kind of qualities.

5. Please, for the love of God, do not have your character beg superior ranks for a high rank. You'll just be asked to leave the roleplay session, since this rule should basically be engraved into your head by now.

6. When fighting/sparring, please be fair. If you're pinned, you can't leap up onto a tree and jump onto the back of your enemy. Be logical about your moves.

7. Purebreds will NOT be allowed.

8. Non-member wolves are to be used as the avatar for all ranks. There will not be any exceptions.

9. Do not use emoticons in the middle of roleplay nor use abbreviations such as "u" or "idk". Type properly, uppercase your letters, be serious.

10. Goofing around sometimes is alright, but if it happens constantly then there will be warnings given. If you continue to constantly goof off, you may be exiled. If you won't take our tribe seriously, we won't want take you seriously.

Character Creation Guide

1. Although our group is tribe oriented, it is preferred you use only rogue names. These names may not be unrealistic, like naming your cat "Dragon". Felines do not know what dragons are, therefore it would not make any sense. Your name also shouldn't be "Killer", it's unreasonable and unlogical for any parent to want to name their offspring "Killer". Before picking a name, be sure it is not taken.

2. Just because you want your pelt to be "pretty" does not mean you can use unrealistic/impossible colors or make your description match the pattern that you have on Animal Jam. For example, do not make your description say "A black tom with yellow lightning bolt stripes." There are two things wrong with this: First, cat's don't have stripes that are shaped like lightning bolts. Second, black cats are unable to have stripes in the color of yellow. Imagine how weird and unmatched it would look in real life. Please, make your descriptions realistic, yet short. Include only your physical appearance.

3. Every character has strengths and flaws. To prove that you understand this concept, you must include three personality traits. One positive, one negative, and one neutral. These three must match to make your cat balanced, unless you have the type to be two-faced. Your personality traits do not have to stay the same forever, they may be prone to change as they age. If you have troubles thinking of traits, try seeing this link . Here are some examples to help you create a cat:

Balanced traits: Brave - positive / Stubborn - neutral / Rude - negative

Unbalanced traits: Kind - positive / Reserved - neutral / Aggressive - negative

Your character can't both be kind yet aggressive at the same time. It doesn't make any balance.

Please do not do: Kind, loyal, caring, respectful (This has way too many positives)

Please do not do: Aggressive, rough, mean, harmful, abrasive (This has way too many negatives)

4. Please make your character's physique realistic. Your character must range from 9-11 inches in height if they are a fully-grown adult feline. Any height above that will not be acceptable unless their breed says otherwise. Taller cats may range from 10-16 inches, while shorter cats may range from 7-9 inches. Their breed is another thing, too. Feral cats aren't natural purebreds, they're a mix of many breeds. In roleplay, try to make your cat at least contain three different breeds. Breeds such as munchkins or bambinos will not be accepted due to the fact that they would be unable to survive.

5. Please do not make your character a special snowflake. Their backstory shouldn't be so overly dramatic that it affects every second of roleplay so that we could focus on your character.

6. As stated before, everyone character has strengths and flaws. This also applies to your character physically. This does not include deformities. You have to balance the strengths that you character holds. For example, if your character is lithe and agile, they aren't going to be the strongest. If your character is muscular, they aren't going to be the best at speed/stamina or stealth.

7. If your character is going to posess a mental or sometimes even a physical disability, research it. Failure to properly research a topic will lead to improper and inaccurate roleplay, thus getting your OC taken away from you.

Assorted Rules: Kits/Kit-Mothers

1. Kit-Mothers/parents of an upcoming litter must alert the Stoneteller of their kitting and plan an appropriate date to complete said kitting.

2. At most, there can only be five kittens per litter. This rule may only be changed on the desire of having the extra kits be NPCs. This would be the case if a Kit-Mother wanted two out of 6 of her kits to die, leaving her with four kits.

3. Kittens will be apprenticed about a week after their birth.

4. Kits may not enter the tribe without having a Kit-Mother assigned.

5. Keep in mind about the realism/mindset of kittens when roleplaying as one.


The Stoneteller serves both as the healer of the tribe as well as a general leader. Unlike a clan leader, they do not get nine lives. Stonetellers also receive signs from The Tribe of Endless Hunting and are responsible for interpreting them. 

(★ = stoneteller)


The Stoneteller To-Be is chosen at birth and is trained by the Stoneteller until his or her death. Once the Stoneteller dies, it is the Stoneteller To-Be's job to step up as the next Stoneteller.

Chrysanthemum Calicodream A ginger she-cat with a creamy undercoat and gentle blue eyes.  Elvira N/A
Elvira Sleepyhound A dark grey she-cat with an odd, dark marking along her back, as well as dark, freckle-like spots on her face. - -


The Merchant is a cat who has the permission to go out of the tribe's territories in order to find odd and interesting items. The Merchant can then sell their findings to other tribe members for prey, other items, favors, etc.

(⚜ = merchant)

Isaacboy Mayberain Lilbabybella

Not only do the Mechanics work together, but they also have to work with the Merchant. Though, when they aren't travelling with the Merchant, the two Mechanics are usually found pondering and thinking of ways to use ordinary objects, like reeds, as something greater. Any idea created by the Mechanics has to be approved by the Stoneteller.

Riptide Solarcanines A stunning, greyish-blue tom with teal eyes. N/A
Isaac Purplewolf316 A brown and cream tom with a hawk-like pattern and aqua eyes. N/A
Rain Hopelesshounds A grey tom with darker grey flecks and teal eyes. N/A
Bella Spiritsprinter A beige she-cat with golden-tan swirls and a white underbelly, paws, and tail tip. N/A
PREY-HUNTER (19/30) CAVE-GUARD (21/30)

Prey-Hunters are the lithe, swift, and agile felines of the tribe. These felines have the responsibility of catching prey for all of the tribe. Using stealth and surpise to catch their food. Although they normally hunt in teams, lone Prey-Hunters cover themselves in mud to camouflage.

(◇ = prey-hunter)

Cave-Guards are the bulkier, strong, and tough cats of the tribe. They are the main fighting force of Bayou and have the responsibility of protecting the tribe's cave, patrolling on occasion, and helping the Prey-Hunters hunt large prey.

(◈ = cave-guard)

◇Phoenix Spiritsprinter A ginger calico tom with half of his face missing. Juliet N/A
◇Finn Purplewolf316 A silver and cream tom with dark grey stripes. N/A N/A
◇Nemesis Momentarilylost A russet she-cat with several dark markings on her pelt. N/A N/A
◇Fleur Simin An umber she-cat. N/A N/A
◇Jane Vibrantglare A dark brown striped she-cat with amber eyes. N/A N/A
◇Jackal Miniaturenoodles A greyish-lavender tom with grey markings. N/A N/A
◇Nadia 911lacey2 A grey she-cat with hints of dark brown. N/A N/A
◇Fiji Hopelesshounds A reddish-brown she-cat with a black stripe on her spine which fades into a brown. Her underbelly is a light-brown. N/A N/A
◇Jersey Kaydance5833 A thick-furred tortoiseshell tom with green eyes. N/A N/A
◇Terrapin Clarious A chestnut-furred she-cat with lighter brown freckles and a white underbelly riding up to her chin and tail tip. N/A N/A
◇Grace Jammer1zv4b A white and brown-faded she-cat with heterochromatic eyes. N/A N/A
◇Kimora Momentarilylost A pale she-cat with amber eyes and slightly darker markings. N/A N/A
◇Jasper Sleepyhound A light and dark brown tom with cute white patterns. N/A August
◇Juliet Hopelesshounds A chestnut-brown she-cat with white freckles and a white chin. N/A N/A
◇Snow Ducksandcokes A grey and black tom with deep blue eyes. N/A N/A
◇Amber Snow22235 A brown and tan she-cat with warm-orange eyes. N/A N/A
◇Cedar Simin A beige tom with a pale underbelly. N/A N/A
◈Zora Snow22235 A silver she-cat with hints chocolate brown. Candid N/A
◈Talon Scathh A greyish-tan tom with a scar over his face and back. N/A N/A
◈Lance Kaydance5833 A cream and white tom with milky-amber eyes. Ryka N/A
Cassidy Maboo123 An ivory she-cat with golden eyes. Abyss Atlas
◈Boris Vibrantglare A grey tom covered in speckles and stripes with greenish-yellow eyes. Loki N/A
Paradise Solarcanines A white tabby she-cat with light brown and blue-grey markings.  N/A N/A
◈Cajun Seal22095 A speckled tom with a kittypet collar. Jaxon N/A
◈Haze Midnightmoonlight1 A tortoiseshell she-cat with llight-yellow eyes. N/A N/A
◈Streak Seal22095 A tan tom with dark brown markings and a hole torn in his ear. N/A N/A
◈Akira Sleepyhound A scarlet she-cat with a black underbelly. N/A N/A
◈Fenix Mercyyyyy A sepia tom with menacing black stripes, a dark grey underbelly, and curled ears. Bluette Cervanna
◈Keith Purplewolf316 A black and cream tom with a scar on his cheek. N/A N/A
◈Aris 911lacey2 A bluish tom with dark grey markings, N/A N/A
◈Aphelion Solarcanines A lavender, grey, and white tom with icy blue eyes. N/A N/A
◈Andromeda Kaydance5833 A lavender tom with an off-white underbelly and dark grey markings. N/A N/A
◈August Spiritsprinter A black tom with a cedar-brown underbelly that rides up to his chin and cheeks. N/A Jasper
◈Sicarius Hollowofsouls A white tom with a dark brown underbelly and grey splotches. N/A N/A
◈Pyxis 911lacey2 A black tom with dark brown markings on his sides. N/A N/A
◈Bucky Buddyrio A white tom with cream tabby-like markings on his face, legs, and tail. Mynta N/A
◈Willow Scathh A she-cat with a scar over her eye as well as a torn ear and tail. N/A N/A
◈Axel Lulu22332 A slim black tom with green eyes. N/A N/A
TO-BE (14/15)

To-bes are young felines in training to become either a Cave-Guard or Prey-Hunter. They work with their mentor until they are ready to graduate to their respective rank.

Jaxon Lulu22332 A silky white tom with blue eyes. Cajun Cave-Guard
Loki Momentarilylost A black tom with a brown underbelly and pale markings. Boris Cave-Guard
Ryka 911lacey2 A white she-cat with markings of light brown. Lance Cave-Guard
Abyss Scathh A scarred tom with a blinded left eye. Cassidy Cave-Guard
Bluette Simin A slender umber-furred she-cat. Fenix Cave-Guard
Lark Malfunctioned An ivory she-cat with a burnt seinna underbelly. Meredith Prey-Hunter
Juliet Hopelesshounds A chestnut-brown she-cat with white freckles and a white chin. Phoenix Prey-Hunter
Topaz Km592 A chocolate-brown she-cat with blue eyes. Cervanna Prey-Hunter
Brooklyn Snow22235 A brown she-kit with lighter brown markings. Snow Prey-Hunter
KIT-MOTHER (2/5) KITS (8/10)

Kit-Mothers are she-cats who are currently nursing or are going to be nursing a litter of kits. She-cats who are pregnant will stop their duties as either a Prey-Hunter or Cave-Guard when heavily pregnant, and remain a Kit-Mother to nurse her kits.

(♡ = kit-mother/♥ = permanent kit-mother)

Kits are cats who are too young to do any duties. They are constantly watched over by their Kit-Mother, and are not allowed out of the Nursery. They graduate to a To-Be at eight moons old. A kit who the Stoneteller has forseen to be the next To-Be Stoneteller has the option to decline the offer, though most do not.

Atlas Beaniecat46 A light grey she-cat with a white underbelly and dark stripes.  Calico, Brooklyn Cassidy
Cervanna Calicodream A blonde, grey-speckled she-cat with beautiful pale-yellow eyes. Roxanne, Vevina, Aether, Shera, Eskira Fenix
Roxanne Maboo123 A beige she-cat with a brown underbelly and black markings. - Cervanna and Fenix
Vevina Sleepyhound A black and dark brown she-cat with blonde markings. - Cervanna and Fenix
Aether Solarcanines A black she-cat with a brown underbelly and beige speckles. - Cervanna and Fenix
Shera Beaniecat46

A beige and black she-cat with lighter brown makings.

- Cervanna and Fenix
Eskira Hopelesshounds A black she-kit with a brown underbelly and beige markings. - Cervanna and Fenix
Calico Tigerofshadowclan A black tom with orange dapples and a white underbelly - Cassidy and Atlas
Corona Clarious A deep russet she-kit with white undertones. - Cassidy and Atlas
ELDER (2/5)

Elders are the oldest, weakest cats of the tribe. They are retired after seasons of serving as a Prey-Hunter or Cave-Guard, and are usually consulted for stories or for advice.

Hera Mercyyyyy A creamy tabby she-cat with green eyes. N/A
Ayaka Calicodream An ivory she-cat with a grey-faded spots. N/A

Visitors are usually others who consider to join Bayou, though aren't sure. The max amount of time that a visitor may stay before making a decision is 14 days (2 weeks).

Catherine Phobicossa Considering to Join 14 Days
Ophelia Poeticism Considering to Join 7 Days (Or Less)
Tewana Jaster (C0mp1icated) Amina (xxpercentagexx) Fluid
Swampclan Silentstar (Xxfate) Barkheart (Kichona) Fluid




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