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"We all are stranger creatures than when we all started out as kids.."

:Glowing Eyes:


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About ArrowstrikeEdit



Pelt: Her pelt is a silvery-darkgrey-ish color.

Eyes: Her eyes are a bright, glowing yellow.

Other: Her fur is often groomed, but sometimes she allows it to be ruffled and dirty. Her tail is long and fluffy.



MO: Ivyfrost

FA: Ironwhisker


Blackkit, Hollowkit

Other Family:


Other Relations

(Name - Rank - Trust - Thoughts)

Snowstar - Leader - 90% - "Snowstar is cool. She's my leader, so I trust her. I don't know if I respect her as much as I should.."

Beyond - Deputy/Slight Crush - 90% - "He's really nice, and gentle. He doesn't make fun of me for my fears. But I love both him and Honeydew.. I'm gonna have to choose who to love but i don't want to! They're both amazing!"

Pebble - Head Medicine Cat - 99.999% (haha) - "She's awesome. I feel like I can trust her. She's also an amazing medicine cat!"

Crescentmoon - Head Warrior - 90% - "She's clearly respected and trusted in the clan, to have earned that rank so quickly. She's Snowstar's daughter too, so that's cool. She's cool, even if she can be a bit of a buzzkill sometimes."

Bluecloud - Head warrior/Mentor - 90% - "He trained me and Honeydew when we were apprentices. He's kind, and a respected member of the clan."

Quietears - Medicine Cat - 80% - "He insulted my dad, so that takes away from how much I like him, but otherwise, he's cool and a good medicine cat."

Honeydew - Warrior/Slight Crush - 90% - "He's nice, and a lot of fun. But I love both him and Beyond and I'm gonna have to choose who to love and I don't want to and.. Ugh!"


Kind - Arrowstrike is kind to those who haven't ticked her off in the past.

Stubborn  - Arrowstrike is probably the most stubborn cat you've ever met.

Egotistical - 

Envious  - Arrowstrike is envious of those who grew up without any issues. She is envious of those who get the attention they crave and get the friends she always wanted, but never got.

Insecure - Arrowstrike doesn't believe she's beautiful, or good enough for anyone.


Arrowstrike was born into FrostClan on the 24th of December. She was in a badger fight when she was five moons old, which is where she got most of her scars. There was a blizzard that caused her to die according to everyone she used to know iN FrostClan, but she was picked up by Two legs and healed at the vet.