This policy refers to the Live!Chat specifically. This does not apply to threads, comments, pages or anywhere else on the wiki. To see our general policies, click here.

General Policies

  • Do not spam caps in the chat, especially if it is in a disruptive or obnoxious manner. The limit for caps lock messages is 4 separate messages, if they do not take up an entire line, and two if they do.

Don't flood or spam chat.
Flooding is posting messages that take up 4 or more full or long lines of text in fullscreen mode, regardless of whether the text contained in those lines is comprehensible or nonsense.
Spam includes posting the same letter(s), phrase(s) or sentence(s) repeatedly, whether they’re all on the same line or contained in separate messages. Spam can be done rapidly or gradually.
For example: O (enter) O (enter) etc., OOOOOOOOO- etc., or repeatedly linking a video, website, or page on the wiki to get people to click it. Spamming and flooding are NOT acceptable at any time or for any reason, no matter how bored you are or how “dead” chat is.

  • Do not advertise. Not only does this include off-site content, but it also includes your AJCW groups, OCs, blogposts, threads, and personal wikis.

The only place advertising of any kind is allowed is on the Advertising board in the Forum, and even then, it only applies to pages on AJCW (and not external wikis or sites). Please treat all users present with respect, regardless of whether or not they are a staff member.

  • Due to Animal Jam being run by a company based in the U.S, this site uses English as opposed to any other non-English language. Excessive use of a language that's not English is prohibited.
  • If a user's behaviour is obnoxious or uncomfortable for users on the chat, even if unintentionally, they might be asked to stop. If they refuse to stop or have continued/acted in such a manner multiple times, a kick or ban is in order.
  • Mini-modding, speaking for a staff member, or any other entitled behavior is strictly forbidden in chat. Having the authority to actively enforce the rules is a privilege the staff have earned, please respect this. Disregard of this rule can result in a warning, kick, or ban.

Swearing and Foul Language

  • Swearing is allowed. Don't use it excessively, and don't harass people with it. If the swearing gets out of hand moderators have every right to take necessary action to handle the situation. If a user expresses discomfort with swearing at any time, users are expected to stop. REMEMBER, THIS IS ONLY ON THE LIVE! CHAT, NOT THE WIKI.
  • Slurs of any sort are unacceptable during any time, whether implied, censored, or just explicitly stated. Racial, LGBT-based, and sexist slurs are good examples.

However, we do allow the S, W, H, and T words in chat. (If you’re ever unsure what the allowed and not-allowed words are, ask a staff member in Private Messages (PM).)


Links and Photo URLs

  • Links to malware sites, troll sites, and inappropriate sites are prohibited.
  • Photos must be safe for all users to see, please do not post a URL if you are unsure about it. If you think a photo might be too explicit, ask a chat mod prior to posting it.
  • Photo URLs in PMs might be an exception, but please make sure the other user is okay with it.

Other Policies