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Cats of Onawa is a tribe with a unique twist to it! Founded on only December 25, this discord tribe certainly has a lot of development to it already. With a unique naming system and face paint for ceremonial celebrations, the tribe flourishes with creativity! Take a deeper look into their distinctive world- you won't leave disappointed!

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Birdfoot currently resides as SparrowClan's deputy, and has shockingly- and respectively- achieved the rank as well. Birdfoot was just like any other kit- creating mischief and problems, which ultimately resulted in his limp paw. No cat expected this tom's quick promotion to deputy, but their doubt does not have an impact on the deputy's spirit, and he continues to try and prove his value to his Clan to this day depsite his environmental setbacks.

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Animal Jam Clans wiki is an informative and interactive database that is based off the virtual game Animal Jam (© National Geographic / Wildworks (Smart Bomb Interactive). Everyone is free to edit, create a page, and chat with the many users on this wiki. However, before making an account please remember that wikia complies with the COPPA and that you must be thirteen to have an account.

AJCW contains different types of information such as Clans/Clanning, Packs/Groups, Tribes, Characters, Roleplaying variations, discussions, and much more. We are always welcoming to new users, and you may contact or message any of our Staff Members anytime! Enjoy your stay and happy editing.

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